Aluminum Alloys
Uses of Aluminum Wire for Industries

Construction industry

Aluminum wire is an excellent alternative to copper and is largely used in the manufacture of building wires. Electricians and contractors use large sizes of aluminum building wire where there is requirement of low voltage. This is more beneficial to contractors in terms of savings as it has half the weight of copper wire. Aluminum conductors for building wire are made in such a manner that the overall diameter of the aluminum wire is similar to that of copper wire.

Electrical distribution industry

Utilities such as electrical distribution companies have been extensively using aluminum wire throughout their distributing systems (power grids) for transmission of electric current.

Communication industry

The copper clad aluminum wire is primarily used in high quality coils, power cables and antennas. The aluminum-copper combination finds its use in commercial as well as residential applications including household wiring, cable wiring, headphones, loudspeakers and antennas. CCAW are also used to help connect the internet to the computer. They are important components of cable modems and television connections as well as Ethernet connections (that is, LAN and WAN).

Broadcasting networks

Modern broadcasting networks (radio and television) largely rely on aluminum wire (CCAW) for information broadcast. Basically, two forms of radio networks are known- the first form is used for broadcasting and updates, advertising and marketing whereas the other form is the backbone of police and armed forces (used for communicating with each other). Television broadcasting involves transmitting signals through cable and satellite television.

Submarine communications

Aluminum wires clad with copper provide a great means of submarine communication and are installed below the floor of the ocean to expedite the process of information transfer across the globe.

Medical field

Aluminum wire finds also its use in medical science instruments that are involved in diagnostic processes such as medical ultrasonography.

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