nichrome wire
Industrial uses of Nichrome & Resistance Alloys
nichrome wire

While almost any conductive wire can be used for heating, most metals conduct electricity with great efficiency. This requires the metals to be formed into thin, delicate wires, so there is enough resistance to generate heat. When most metals are heated, they oxidize quickly, which makes them brittle and break when heated in air. Nichrome wire, however, develops an outer layer of chromium oxide, which makes the wire thermodynamically stable in air, mostly impervious to oxygen, and protects the heating element from further oxidation.

With itsĀ high-temperatureĀ strength and good workability, Nichrome is an ideal material to use for demanding applications in the electric appliance industry, such as hair dryers and heat guns. It is also commonly used in electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and other vaping (vape) applications.

Some other common applications for Nichrome alloys include: ironing machines, water heaters, soldering irons, metal sheathed tubular elements, cartridge elements, quartz tube heaters, infrared emitters and other precision heating element (heater) applications.

60/16 Nichrome has a good corrosion resistance, good oxidation properties and very good form stability. Typical applications for 60/16 Nichrome are in tubular heating elements .

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