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Ultrasonic Wire Cleaning Services
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We offer various cleaning options to remove dirt or oils from the wire: Ultrasonic Cleaning, Chemical Cleaning, Mechanical Cleaning or per customer requirements. We are going to focus on the service of Ultrasonic Wire Cleaning in this article.

Ultrasonic Wire Cleaning is a very powerful cleaning process. Ultrasonic wire cleaning is a clean method and environmentally friendly for the cleaning of continuous materials, such as wire and cable. The effect of the cavitation generated by the ultrasonic power removes lubrication residues like oil or grease, soaps, stearates or dust.

The pollution particles are dispersed into the cleaning liquid. By that, a new adhesion to the material to be cleaned is avoided and the particles are flushed away. By the use of an ultrasonic technology, very strong cavitation fields are generated, so that high-quality cleaning results at high line speeds can be accomplished.

As the cleaning effect is based on the physical cleaning effects of the ultrasound, it can be used for any ferrous and non-ferrous material, e.g. stainless steel, copper, and aluminum wire.

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