Welding Alloys
Uses for High-manganese Nitrogen Strengthened Stainless steel Welding Wire

21-6-9 is a high-manganese nitrogen strengthened stainless steel. Properties include high strength in the annealed condition and excellent resistance to corrosion at high temperatures.

High-manganese stainless steel welding wire has strength and excellent resistance to corrosion at high temperatures, which can be fabricated and readily weldable. High-manganese Nitrogen strengthened stainless steel welding wire has been used in chemical processing, pollution control equipment and the aircraft industry.

21-6-9 is a nitrogen strengthened austenitic stainless steel with high manganese content. The alloy possesses many wanted properties, such as outstanding resistance to oxidation at higher temperatures in the annealed condition, good resistance to molten lead oxide corrosion, and exceptional air corrosion resistance.

Due to the higher initial yield and high work-hardening rate, Stainless Steel 21-6-9 has similar workability properties to Stainless Steel 301, 302, 304, and 316. That said, the alloy requires a higher force for forming parts than those stainless steel alloys. 21-6-9 stays non-magnetic, even after severe cold work.

The alloy is readily weldable using standard methods. Moreover, thanks to the low carbon content, 21-6-9 has excellent intergranular corrosion resistance, even when welded.

The high mechanical strength of 21-6-9, the alloy is primarily used for the manufacturing of components in the aircraft industry

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