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Who We Are

We at BOB MARTIN COMPANY have been providing wire sales and service for over 50 years to organizations who are involved in Aerospace, Military, or commercial industries.

What We Do

We are a wire manufacturing facility of uncoated wire, whose primary purpose is welding wire, spring wire, electronic wire, safety wire, commercial wire, and many other types of wire for different areas of business needs.

Who Do We Sell To

BOB MARTIN COMPANY is approved by many customers such as Honeywell, Boeing, Pacific Scientific, Goodrich Corporation, Lockheed Martin, General Electric, Northrop Gruman, Parker Hannifin, Airline Companies, and also many subcontractors for the above. mentioned companies.


BOB MARTIN COMPANY'S main policy is promoting prompt delivery and service on materials. You must be satisfied or we will adjust to your satisfaction. We are confident of our products and workmanship.