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Bob Martin Company provides Wire Drawing, Wire Straightening & Cutting and Additional Wire Services

Our capabilities include wire drawing, straightening and cutting, spooling, annealing, cleaning, flag tagging, packaging and identification to customer requirements, precision grinding, acromag and other metal monitoring capabilities.

Wire Drawing

Our facilities enable us to redraw wire from .250" Dia. to .003" Dia., clean and layer level wind on welding wire spools, or other types of spools, or material may be straightened and cut to length after redrawing.

Wire Straightening and Cutting



From .010" Diameter To .200" Diameter                                 

Length: From .250" +/-.010" lengths To 20-ft. Lengths

Spooled Wire

1, 5, 25, 60 lb. layer wound spools or random wound spools available.

Alloy Identification

Flag Tagging, Labeling and Packaging available to meet all customer specifications.

Metal Monitoring

100% alloy identification to achieve highest quality possible, using Acromag Metal Tester, De Tech Metal Monitor and Niton Metal Analizer.

Strand Annealing

Inert gas strand annealing furnace is equipped with take-up spoolers and coilers for annealing temperatures up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit.


To meet requirements of AMS, MIL, AWS, and many aerospace companies.

Flag Tagging

A positive method of identification. The tag has a pressure sensitive adhesive backing and is placed approximately 1.2 inch from end of the rod. Tags are printed with alloy and AMS specifications for identification.

Centerless Grinding

Is used for surface finishing of straight material. Thrufeed grinding of various materials for Screw Machine, Electronics, Automotive, and Medical.  Our size range is .200” diameter to .020 inches in diameter.

Wire Cleaning

BOB MARTIN COMPANY’S material or customer furnished material may be cleaned by many different methods (Ultrasonic Cleaning, Chemical Cleaning or Mechanical Cleaning of many different alloys).  We also clean to customer requirements or per specifications.

Custom Packaging

We do custom packaging to meet customer requirements or specifications. We do standard packaging to protect the products we manufacture.

Customer Service

All services are also performed on customer furnished material.